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Generator of Object-Oriented Fortran via Python (goofpy)

Many routines in object-oriented code can be written in a systematic way. For example, copy constructors, destructors, import and export routines. Such code only depends on properties of the class, which is a minimal amount of code and can be separated from routines that require to be hand-crafted. This project was dedicated to generating the following routines givin a minimal set of inputs:

  • Copy constructor
  • Destructor
  • Print to screen (print friendly)
  • Export
  • Import

The code is available on github.

Graph Digitizer

I wrote a simple graph digitizer that collects x-y coordinates from a 1D plots. The function inputs include the x-min,x-max,y-min,y-max, the directions to perform sweeps (the output only works for a 1-to-1 correspondance) and a smoothness parameter.

Solar Energy Harvesting

Obtaining Alternating Current Through a Solar Panel: Mechanical Alternatives to the Electrical Inverter. Alternatives to the Electrical Inverter. Current Photovoltaic (PV) systems collect. DC voltage and then use an electrical inverter to convert to AC voltage. Inverters, like any electronic equipment, dissipate heat and loose some of the power collected by the solar panels. In this study, we attempt to use a mechanical system that periodically occludes the solar panels to simulate an AC wave.

Occlusion illustration

One (of three) Solar Panel Design.